NBA 2K20 MyTeam's Important Auction House Issue Is Being Worked On

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The Auction House is a significant part of NBA 2K20 MyTeam, and several users are reporting issues that have been showing up intermittently for months. On Friday, NBA 2K MT programmer Robby Haught aka Two Brothers Gaming informed the community that the team was aware of the problem and working to have it resolved. The acknowledgment was welcomed by members of the MyTeam community because the matter seemingly becomes more prevalent around major releases like the PRIME Series Galaxy Opal Lamar Odom card which dropped on Friday.

I play MyTeam quite a bit, and I just take care of the Auction House after a week (it's part of my general management of this highly addictive mode). That's why I have been bitten by this tech issue. Basically, what's being reported is that a random reset of thing costs that is resulting in valuable cards going unsold, or even worse, selling for far less than the present price. As you might expect, many users are upset about this glitch that's costing those affected valuable in-game money.

A few users posted screenshots of items underselling or not moving at all. Currently, there is no schedule for the fix, along with the information that has been delivered from Haught was an unexpected plus. Haught is a programmer and that's not who traditionally communicates with users on these kinds of issues. Unfortunately, 2K doesn't have a team of folks who are intended to perform this very important function.

Many users will probably welcome someone who is assigned as a point of contact for users that play MyTeam, and the same goes for the other styles within the massive 2K universe. As of now, the gaps in communication will remain nba2king.